Guest Artist & Speaker

Ebony Torres

Illustrator & Graphic Designer



Ebony Torres is a multidisciplinary artist. Born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico. Based in Tennessee. Growing up in an artist's household made it inevitable for her not to become a creative of some sort. Ebo acquired a passion for art at a very young age. She developed her drawing skills by replicating her favorite cartoons on paper while watching them on VHS. But observing her father work on his surrealistic paintings was her biggest influence. In 2013 Ebo began her studies in the graphic arts field at the University of Puerto Rico Carolina campus and in a couple of years, she landed her first professional job. Her skills and passion have led her to work with many renowned brands such as McDonald’s®, Kellogg’s®, Bayer®, Bud Light®, and San Patricio Plaza, to name a few.

Most recently, Ebo has focused solely on digital artwork. Creating colorful vector compositions that hold short stories. She draws inspiration from day-to-day life, personal experiences, social issues, and misconceptions; expressing them through abstract pieces.

NFTs have become a great pathway and an advantage for multidisciplinary artists such as Ebo. It has open opportunities to expand and connect their work with fellow creatives and art enthusiasts globally. In early 2021, Ebo began her journey in the NFT space. Some of her pieces first got collected in March of the same year. The space is fast-paced but still emerging and Ebo has no plan to stop exploring the possibilities that this world arises

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