Guest Artist

Nohely Sepúlveda



Hi, Nohely Sepúlveda. I'm a 26 years artist from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

In 2015 I founded ¡Qué Cojines! (it's means a common puertorrican slang). ¡Qué Cojines! was created for every single person who loves personalized things/gifts. These are hand made painting cushions with acrylic paint.

Having a background in Visual Arts (B.A. from Inter American University) has helped me greatly in my marketing career (MBA, from Inter American University). In my past jobs experience, I have been able to benefit the companies creatively, plan and execute content for campaigns and being in charge of the design department.

I'm so impressed and excited to see what I can do with my NFT works in this “new” digital era for art. NFTs are changing the world and it represents for us (artists) a lot, because people are actually appreciating our work and they're interested in investing in digital art. Also, they're proud to be part of these and I'm so glad they share their collections and influence other people to become an NFT investor.

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